The happy Fam

IMG_2407So you want to know more about us….fine. Here ya go:

  • It all starts with the husband. He is cool sometimes; sarcastic all the time and therefore – my soul mate. The husband is the keeper of the sanity as well as the key to pissing me off the quickest. It is a feat even he doesn’t know how he accomplishes.
  • Then there’s the boy. He is awesome, he is as weird as boys get and has some other issues we are working on – he is my beautiful son. I went undiagnosed with postpartum depression (PPD) and rage with him. Some know-it-all doctor told me that you couldn’t get PPD after the baby is 6 weeks old. Obviously, they never paid attention in school; cause you can get PPD anytime within the first year after giving birth. Don’t believe me? Check this site out. Told ya
  • Then there’s the girl. She is such a princess; such a fussy butt. She has developed ADHD and we are working with her. I developed Postpartum Psychosis with her. I fought like a mighty awesome ninja, then I developed Bipolar NOS.




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