The happy Fam

So you want to know more about us….fine weird stalker. Here ya go:

  • It all starts with the husband (formerly known as Mr. Man – unless he pisses me off). He is cool sometimes; sarcastic all the time and therefore – my soul mate. He currently is working two and a half jobs and is barely there even when he is home. The husband is the keeper of the sanity as well as the key to pissing me off the quickest. It is a feat even he doesn’t know how he accomplishes.
  • Then there’s the boy, formerly known as monkey man. He is awesome, he is as weird as boys get and definitely from my vagina. I mean, besides having the battle scars to prove it? He likes to lick things. Don’t know why except to say, well – he is my beautiful son. I went undiagnosed (…wait…I was misdiagnosed? Ehhh….I’m just a writer…I don’t need to know correct engrish) with postpartum depression (PPD) and rage with him. Some dummy know-it-all doctor told me that you couldn’t get PPD after the baby is 6 weeks old. Obviously, they never paid attention in school; cause you can get PPD anytime within the first year after giving birth. Don’t believe me? Check this site out. Told ya
  • Then there’s the girl, formerly known as Diva. She is such a princess; such a fussy butt. Heh. In fact I call her that at home; Princess Fussy Butt or just fussy butt. I developed Postpartum Psychosis with her. I fought like a mighty awesome ninja for a year. Then? Came the crazy.
  • This is the crazy. yup. it gets its own slot. That’s how accepting I am of it. Everyone is like: “don’t say that girl. You ain’t crazy.” Shoo. I am accepting of this. I am Jessica; awesome mom of two brats angels who tend to get a little too rambunctious – but it? Its crazy….majorly crazy. Now, I just need to get a handicap sticker so I can park wherever I want. Wha? The crazy is hard to carry around sometimes – we need help carrying it around yo!

You thought I was gonna put pictures of us? We are ageless. We are faceless. We are?


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