Luke 2:14

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”

I’ve recently gone through some family issues….its rocked my world. On my other blog I described it as having the carpet pulled from under my feet to let me fall onto the hard concrete floor that is my now life.

It’s made me look back and rethink things in my life, but it’s never made me doubt God. It’s made me wonder….how could I not know. How could anyone not know. But never doubt God.

God has a reason for what my family and I are going through and for what you are going through too. But never doubt God. He has our best in mind though we cannot see it now, though the darkness may seem to overtake you, take courage my friend God is there working on your behalf, to better your life. He really does mean “…goodwill toward men”


Thank you

It’s so easy to take what is happening in our life for granted. The blessings and the trials. We can take them as. If we deserve them or not but we shouldn’t.

We need to be careful and come with a thankful heart. God has put these situations in our lives to bless us or to teach us. We need to remember that through Christ we get everything. Without out him we are nothing.