About My Awesomeness

This is me. Jessica from Comeunglued.

I have a twitter account called @MyBipolarSelf in which I write about life, love and the pursuit of my Lord and Savior.

I used to have a FB page called A Little Unhinged, where I wrote devotionals. But with the new FB rules it will be impossible for people to see the devotionals unless I paid FB a ridiculous amount. So I decided to move the devotionals to a blog. I may lose followers but hey – this is a ministry. I’m not doing this for the numbers.

More about me?

Well, to start off – I am the funniest SAHM in MD. Shhh…it’s not polite to disagree with people you can not see dearie. Also its weird.

I should know.

As a highly sarcastic Christian Momma of two creatures, I sometimes call kids; I think very highly of myself. So what else is my recourse than start writing about my struggles as a mom suffering from bipolar; or what I call “the crazy”. ITs crazy….I am most certainly not.

I don’t care what I have. All I know is most days? The ONLY way I get through the day is by the good grace of my Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m not a labeler.

I am currently writing the great American novel to break down the stigmas that surround mental illness; in the church and in every day life. Okay, maybe not THE greatest american novel – cause first and foremost its not a novel. But still; its gonna blow your minds.

Remember; I’m not perfect – just forgiven.

Wanna talk? Why? Weird stalker.

Fine. If you want to email my awesomeness at mentalhealthninja (at) gmail (dot) com

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