Theres so much I want to say: I am the funniest SAHM in MD. a highly sarcastic Christian married momma of two creatures, I sometimes call kids; I think very highly of myself. But ya know thats the old me. The sarcastic, crass me. Ya know, I started this blog dedicated to talk about God and mental illness (I have Bipolar NOS, OCD, Anxiety and ADHD) but it has become so much more than that.

When I got sick, I kinda just ran away from the Lord. I cared only about me and how I can be “awesome”. Then my life happened and it brought me right straight to the Lord.

The only thing that matters is the Lord. The ONLY way I get through the day is by the good grace of my Lord Jesus Christ. So I am going through the bible and I thought I would share about what I am understanding.

Remember; I’m not perfect – just forgiven.

Wanna talk? 

 mydearsaviorreigns (at) gmail (dot) com

FB: The Imperfect Jessica T

Twitter: Imperfect Jess T

Instagram: Imperfect Jess T


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