(In regards to Galatians 2:11-14) It is easy to criticize Peter; but every person knows what it means to do something you know is wrong.  Everyone knows what it feels like to go against what you know very well is right.  Everyone knows what it feels like when social pressure pushes you towards compromise in some way – David Guzik

In Galatians 2:11-14, Paul brings out Peter’s faults.

Peter was eating w gentiles while telling the Jews he wasn’t….basically.

So when certain men came to visit him, while he was hanging out w gentiles he freaked and alienated them.

This causing two problems that Paul needed to address. You see many people at that time believed that Gentiles didn’t deserve to know the gospel message. So Paul and Peter had it out.

Okay not really, but imagine that guilt that Peter must’ve felt. Forget that, like David Guzik said we’ve all done something similar….given in to peer pressure.

How are we to fight that?

We are not. We are to surround ourselves with the Lord and ask for forgiveness for our failures. Just cooing to our God.

Know why this set of verses just stick out to me? It shows how imperfect all of us are – even the apostles who you would think have it all together. It means I have a chance ya know?

And now so do you

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