Being a christian In a hateful world


One day after September 11th, after the dust settled but before the rescuing completely stopped; my church went to the site to see if they could be any help.

Many churches had done the same, but my church went wit the purpose of helping – not saving people. If it happened so be it but that wasn’t their main purpose.

Well, one person saw a woman just staring at a picture. She walked up to that person. “You’re searching for someone?” “Yes” came the the quiet response.

She stood there w the woman praying silently for her, for several minutes. Then she said to her: “I am so so sorry”

As she started to walk away, a woman from another church came up to that poor grieving soul. She shoved a pamphlet in her hand said “Jesus loves you and can save you from this pain”.

Ouch right?

Well, that grieving woman let her have it. All the pain she had been feeling, the anger, the frustration, this poor christian got all of it because she needed to hand her that pamphlet instead of listening.

Sometimes being THAT Christian means just listening. It means not screaming out the right answer to them no matter how much you want to.

We are called to love all. Please let’s not forget that.

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